Hospitality Tipping App? Yep, and You Can Customize It! 


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What is this skyber app all about? And how do I contact the Skyber Company?

Well, It's a hospitality tipping app THAT YOU CUSTOMIZE. !!!  It's got this savory urban flavor to it too. LIKE HEY, LEARN AND EARN. WORKERS GET AN ADVANCE., AND IF YOU WANT MONTHLY MONIES SENT TO YOU, WELL, JUST USE THE APP, WE WILL SEND YOU USAGE COMMISSIONS. AND ALSO CHECK THE GUEST SIDE: upgrade from courtesy to pre-ordered services all for just a few dollars. You can pre-order bellman service, skycap, and or shuttle service from most major airports, and pre-order guest services from their surrounding hotels. But the kicker is this; when guests cruise the "other" category located deep within the app, they can also pre-order services outside of local airports. Customize it, and get barbershop reservations, get info from air bnb digital concierges, get a runner to pick up your dry-cleaning, do food truck orders from local urbanized areas, even pay adolescents weekly allowances for doing good in school, and helping out around the house. As long as the app's workers continue to embellish their creativity, the Skyber possibilities can reach farther, to accompany more guests' needs. As a matter of fact, if you find out another creative way to use it, send us an email on your creative usage, and we'll post it.    LIKE CHECK THIS OUT; EH HEM, WE'RE GIVING SONG PUBLISHING DEALS TO INDIE MUSICIANS. THAT'S RIGHT, 30 STREAM PLAYS OF YOUR SONG = UP TO AROUND $10. AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO DISPLAY YOUR MUSIC, ART, PHOTOS, OR WHATEVER, CREATIVELY ON ALL YOUR POSTS, ALL THE WHILE SHOWING OUR LOGO, ALONG SIDE YOUR IMAGERY, WE'LL KEEP BREAKING YOU OFF MONTHLY. JUST CHECK THE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, ALERTS AND WHAT NOT ON YOUR PHONE. (MAKE SURE YOU'RE LOGGED IN CORRECTLY) ONCE YOU SEE YOUR NAME WITH A PUBLISHING COMMISSION ATTACHED, JUST ACCEPT THE TASK, COLLECT A LIL SCRATCH. PUBLISHING DEALS GET A DIRECT ACH DELIVERED EVERY MONTH. HIT US UP AND LET'S WORK TOGETHER !!!   myskyber@gmail

How do I use this?

The best way to start Skyber is to make a guest account, then make a worker's account for your seed, or any loved one. The guest pays the worker. So whichever chores your seed does, pay them for a good job. You do this for 7 weeks, you get a $100 commission or more. Just send in the posts of what work your family accomplished. This is hands on teaching in entrepreneurialism for young folk. Teaches them how work can be fun, and it's an exciting hobby for your teens! If you need help making a worker account hit us up. Remember this style of skybering is called tricking out the app. You have to be somewhat of a go getter to fully understand how it all works. But once you've practice running a few orders, it's quite easy.  

How does it work?

Download it 
free, make a profile, login, fill out a couple airport terminal location questions, and that sets a specified donation, then you just submit your info. In a few minutes, a helper will arrive and take you where you need to go (as long as they're logged in properly), and complete the tasks you entailed. Then the helper clicks the "end task" button. The helper will receive your donation through his phone, and the both of you can feel free to review each other (send a review to this site, or you can post it up on the App Store or Google Play). Then you log off. Be sure to use the app again on your return trip:) We're always glad to help make all of your excursions more convenient. OR REMEMBER WHILE IN THE "OTHER"  CATEGORY, GATHER AND MAKE ORDERS FOR ANY GUEST SERVICE OUTSIDE OF THE AIRPORTS. Trick it out, and get a comprehensive overview on how to use the app anywhere, check out our YT tutorial video, especially if you are a worker. Signing up as a worker takes a little bit more time, because of identity verification. We have to know who you are, and where to send your earnings. The tutorial video explains how we do all that. Or just hit us up, we'll walk you through your first order over the phone if you want. It's easy.  myskyber@gm

Guests: Please enter your order like in this example. List out as many details as you can, so the Skyber can better help you.

                           Bag Claim example / Retrieving bags from bag claim / example Skyber pre-order below

How are donation (payments) made through skyber?

Either through the debit / credit card you signed up with. On your first order you can save your payment information.

What are the costs to get a helper?

It's donation based. You're suggested donation range will be higher with a heavier load. There will be a pre-set suggested donation range on your phone when you describe the location you're at, in the airport, and how far are you walking with your luggage. Then you punch in the suggested donation amount to give, and that's it. You can always donate more to the suggested amount to your helper after he / she has completed the task given. 

Can I use it for curb check ?

Sure, at some airports skyber has it's own line for extra convenience, when, even the line outside is backed up! Just ask the curb captain that your're checking in with Skyber, and he'll help you get through the check in process. Also you could just punch in a check in order in right before you get to the airport, and a skyber will get the heads up that you're arriving, and they could greet you as soon as you arrive. And if you're already on the curb side, just ask the Curb Captain "Hey where's the Skyber line?" Curb check is also conveniently streamlined to an $8 all inclusive donation. So if you check in one, two, or three bags, it'll still be only $8.

How do I update my payment info, is this secure?

THE ONLY WAY TO UPDATE YOUR PAYMENT INFO IS WHEN YOU'RE MAKING A PAYMENT ON AN ACTUAL ORDER. This is purposefully done so that nobody will be able to see your personal banking info. When making an order, once you submit payment on the check out screen, you can save a card, or add a new one. Skyber is set up like any other website or app with an encrypted payment gateway. ALSO if you're a porter that still feels uncomfortable with banks, use a back up funds receivable account from a credit union. Or if you're a guest, you could register a regular bank gift card, like a bb&t visa card (this way your personal accounts are not attached on the check out page, only the visa gift card is).  But hey, the app is encrypted, and these are all just safe banking alternatives. It's all up to you. The easiest way, of course, is to set up your account with a debit or credit card when you do your first order, and hit save card. And if you're a worker to receive customer donations in the easiest manner, just use a regular chase, wells fargo, pnc, suntrust bank account (with at least $1500 in the account to avoid bank monthly balance fees) You choose how to set up your account, in whichever way that gives you peace of mind. 

As a guest how do I know when my skyber will pick me up?

Once a skyber taps the accept button on his phone, you'll get a notice that says 'Such n such is on his way' Just stay put, while the skyber is in route to you. The  entire completed task, when transporting luggage through the terminal, usually it takes around 5 - 10 minutes. A skyber will meet and greet you, load your bags, and walk with you to your airport destination. TIP: The skybers usually get to you quicker when the donations are set maybe a dollar or two higher than normal..


How long will a skyber wait?

Not long, in rare cases a skyber could wait up to 10 minutes. But usually if a skyber shows, and you're not at the location you typed in for the task, you will be assessed a no show charge. That'll work the same way as a cancellation fee . (TIP: Please be as specific as possible on where your waiting with your luggage so the skyber can find you !!! )

What happens if a guest cancels?

Here's the thing, if a skyber accepts to help you, he's already going way out of his way to do this. Airport workers are usually maxed out with tons of assignments like loading stroller bins, helping with wheelchair searches, clearing bag belts, helping with emotional support animals, helping the blind passengers in customs areas, and many other tasks that could fill an entire spread sheet (no seriously, you wouldn't believe how much work these guys do!). So there's going to be a charge to you if you cancel (after you put in the task, you'll have a 1 minute grace period to cancel out). Depending on the load, and which city your in, cancellation fees range from $5 - $8 after the 1 minute grace period. Also if you stay put and wait, the task you put in will time out after 15 minutes anyways. Once it times out, there's no charge. This is our incentive for you the guest, NOT to cancel the work. Skybers love helping guests, and some of these guys have been working in their airports for over 20 years.

Company Mission?

We believe that blending human compassion in service, relieves mental anguishes of the traveling public. There are infinite pundits pouring hatred on our mission with king kong twitter fingers, but just think for a minute. If a person helped you that was genuinely in tuned with you, showing empathy towards your travel problems, and listening with an ear for a solution, wouldn't that make you feel better throughout your excursions? It's a simple 'human interest' concept. We research this daily, and continually work this concept into the functionality of our app.  

How do I contact my skyber?

Once you hit submit (your task goes into a queue, and a skyber picks the job). A skyber will then be there to pick you up in less than 5 minutes. No need to contact him/her while they're in route, just please make sure that you've sent the right location to where you are in the airport. The skyber will be there faster, when they know EXACTLY where you are. ALSO REMEMBER WHEN PRE-ORDERING SHUTTLES DURING RUSH HOUR, OR DURING THE HOLIDAYS, THE AVERAGE WAIT TIME WILL BE 20-30 MINUTES IN THE BUSIER MARKETS.

I'm an airport worker, how would this benefit me?

No more combing the airport endlessly looking for outs. And if you're on the curb (especially South West) you could create a skyber line, and have an added convenience for both you and the guests. Think about it, you could save time, and help more people per day, because you'll know exactly where they are in your airport. Also don't forget when signing up a worker profile, punch in your birthday like this:  dd/mm/yy   .. So the day comes first, then month. Purposefully done like this to make sure all you workers out there are paying attention to the details when signing up. Please no feeble minded, or incompetent workers need to sign on. We love connecting to excited, and (somewhat) tech savvy workers out there. We want you to have an awesome profile. We all benefit from a quality community. That's our goal here at skyber. 

What about using this for hotel, or parking shuttles. I'm a driver, can I use this too?

No problem, as long as the guest punches in the right info for the 'where-are-they-waiting' box, then you'll get the the shuttle driver alert. So yes, you can now get to your airport runs quicker. You don't really have to wait for the front desk agents to radio you (like for instance if the main phone lines are down, this can be a really good back up plan for any hotel group). Check it out. You can get pick up orders directly from your hotel guests. Guests that get the hang of it, will love it, because they can avoid the hassle of calling the hotel, or shuttle parking lot office first, and then being placed on hold. They upgrade from courtesy to pre-order, so this way, all you drivers out there now have the ability to help out more guests. And more guests equals more quality donations to you, so that you can help support your family better. Plus the hotel, or parking lot dispatchers now have more time to catch up on their office duties, or tend to their lobby ambassador assignments. Definitely a win win for all. And it works great too if you want to try dual-platforming. Just make sure you login as shuttles to see the order lists. (SHUTTLE NOTICE: MAKE SURE YOU CHECK FOR ORDERS ONLY WHEN YOU'RE PARKED! TALLY UP FARES ONLY WHEN YOU DO THE MEET AND GREET, WHEN YOU'RE PARKED! THIS WAY IF YOU GET STUCK IN TRAFFIC, YOU WON'T LOSE THE FARE BECAUSE YOU'll CONNECT THE RUN, ONLY WHEN YOU PHYSICALLY SEE THE GUEST, capiche? OUR TERMS STATE THAT YOU MUST STAY SAFE AT ALL TIMES WHEN PICKING UP RUNS. LOOK AT PHONES PLEASE ONLY WHEN YOU'RE PARKED !!! ). AND IF YOU STILL CAN'T TAKE TIPS BY PHONE, JUST TELL YOUR GUESTS TO TIP YOU THROUGH THIS SITE, AND WE'LL SNAIL MAIL YOU A CHECK TO YOUR SHUTTLE OFFICE. It's built for the short runs, so if you're on the back of a ride-share-worker line, check out your skyber profile, it may have some short runs from the shops to the hotels. I mean if you're on down time anyway, why not. Once you get creative, and understand the importance of visions, you'll understand how this skyber thing, can benefit everyone, really. Thanks.

What about barbers, how do we use this?

Send us the times you are on Skyber. This way your clients will know when to hit you up. They can pre-order you for a cut, and pay you the rest when they get to the shop. This way you don't have to take calls while you're cutting other people. We'll list the best times for you to take appointments on the stores' page. Also let us know if you need help making a workers account. We can do that for you too.  myskyber@gmail

How do I get a job at skyber?

Ha! We do more than just offer jobs. We'll give your life a purpose. We're urging people to create skyber guerilla teams. If you join or create a skyber guerilla team, then spiritually you'll grow with us, and we'll purge you, and your family with a spiritual edification. Summary of how: Logon as a worker, send in your hours of operation so we know when to tip you out. Post up promotional blogs online, and get your family to logon too. As soon as you make a worker's account, you get 5 dollars. If your friends or family members use it weekly, you'll get commissions just for their usage. Frequent use=frequent money, for you to support your family (example: mom gets a guest account , son gets a worker's account. Son does chores, mom tips him out through Skyber. Use it every week, that's it. We may match what you paid out, and you'll always qualify for prizes when you do this type of tip out, because it's benefiting families. The only way we can make the country strong again, is to strengthen the family. The Skyber life style goes like this=> Strong family = strong neighborhood. Strong neighborhood = strong community. Strong community= strong city. Strong city= strong state. Strong state = strong regions. Strong regions=strong country. Join us, we can do it [Isaiah 40:31]) We'll cut it at around 60 teams, after that anyone can still join for fun, local commissions, and prizes, but the first 60 teams will get the biggest, and most consistent residual commissions. But yeah, come on and get it. It's wide open for right now. For more instructions, Email us: myskyber@gmail  thanks.

I've made enough, I don't want to be greedy, so I'd like to delete my account?

Send a request to myskyber@gmail ..We'll delete your account, and send you a deletion receipt. Thanks for your service, feel free to request a reinstatement at any time. 

ATTENTION GUESTS: Also when cruising the 'OTHER' category, it'll put the app in 'trick-out' mode. You can trick it out as you wish, but be aware, on the section titled :  'OTHER' it usually allows for one word style ordering on older phones. This category is more for tipping out guest services personnel working on the outer-skirts of all the airports. (e.g. barbers, restaurant workers, rickshaws, hosts, etc.) Tip those people out too, and increase your chances of winning skyber prizes. Thanks.