Compassionate Guides Delivered? Yep, All Through The App!


Check out our top 10 soc med posts of the month below.. (pics and posts coming soon, please be patient. When you send one in that you did, we'll throw it up on this site usually within 10 biz days. Best posts wins the most)  Wanna create one? Post something up about us on your FB, IG, SCh, or wherever. Do a snippet or screen shot your post. Then snip and send to myskyber@gmail   best posts wins the most.

Creatively post this skyber car magnet on your social medias to qualify for prizes. Or if you want this actual magnet snail mailed to you for your car dashboard, email us a request. [ myskyber@gmail / Put in subject: car magnet request] Thanks!

Below are the latest prayer cards sent out to skyber workers, friends, and family (especially those in the nursing field), Let us know if you've received it, thanks. P.S. And if anybody would like to help us send out a prayer card batch to 'your' friends and family, just hit us up, and we'll set it up for you. (the tribute prayer was from Bill Winston) Ok thanks, let's keep on praying.