Compassionate Guides Delivered? Yep, All Through The App!



                                     Compassionate, stress free, air travel. Nice!

Good information here on how they're coming up with a vaccine for this (horribly dangerous) thing that's going around (Just saying the name of it gives us the creeps over at the Skyber code labs). Anyways, these little info vid posts once again, are to help out with mental well being. It does help, when you really know what's going on with it. Also don't forget to be extremely vigilant in your cleaning. Wipe down everything, especially when you go to your local grocers. Masked up, gloved up, take sani wipes, and wipe down all jars, cartons, and pretty much everything in your grocery cart, and including your cart. Then sani-wipe your car when you get home. Only we can save us. Think about it, the gov't should've ordered $3.5 trillion worth of medical equipment during sars. If that would've happened, we would've been chillin. But, now we're in uncharted waters. Whew! Stay extremely safe out there folks, and make sure your immune systems are on incredible hulk mode. Hopefully we'll be able to make it pass this. Do what's right, while you are praying hard. Ok, thanks. 

WORKER UPDATES 3/30 - 4/15: 
Our hearts go out to all the service industry workers dealing with this cold world. We'll try to have both platforms up after the virus, but we really can't make a good prediction because of the climate of the US. Android: anybody can sign up right now and practice the user experience on Android. But just please hold off putting in your bank info right now, until we upgrade the cc API's. Also notes for the dual plat-former(s) out there: Skyber has no driver queue. When we (USA) get back up and running, remember the queue is only for the guests. So it's first come first serve pick ups. (Just in the near future, when this disease hopefully passes, please make sure you accept the run ONLY whenever you meet and greet the guest, because you might get stuck in traffic on the way to the pick up area). Skyber's built for the quick service runs from the hotels to the shops, or shops to the airport. If it gets real busy out there, y'all can have at it. So instead of those juicy long runs nobody can get to everyday, you can always pile up a bunch of short runs. Why not right? Just when you make a worker profile, check your spam folder for the unique code, and make sure to logon as "shuttles". Payouts are Wednesdays, so monies roll out to your bank on Fridays (unless it's a gov't holiday) Finally check us out on the next indiegogo [[ ]] All proceeds from the next fundraiser (the indiegogo-part 2), will go to jumping off the IOS, and of course, to all the promotions departments and street teams, any questions just hit us up. Ok thanks guys.   

"Thank you m'aam, we're always glad to help"

Want to send a gift to your favorite worker? Just tap the donate button below. Don't forget to tell us their name, city, state, badge number if possible, and the location they were working when they helped you. (this way we'll be able to correctly route the donation to them). You can also share your story of why you'd like to send them a donation, and we'll post your testimony on one of our soc med pages. Thank you.

[Here's an example below of a typical promotions department job if any parents want to get involved]. Anyways, we organized a fun Skyber App Club, to give the kids something cool to do. This is Gracey's Club representing south east Central Florida. For fun, if any other kids want to add on to this Skyber chapter, you just have to beat or tie the record. So far it's 80 post cards, hand written, going out to your family members. If any kids beat or tie this record you get $50. Congratulations to Gracey and Paulita. The winners from the Orlando Skyber Club Chapter. Email us on instructions on how to get a Skyber club chapter going in your city, thanks :)