Compassionate Guides Delivered? Yep, All Through The App!


Rewards Program: This reward will go out to the winning participants involved in our "peer to peer runs for fun" campaign. Win a pair of Airforce 1's, or something similar.  We'll continue this program, and keep it going every 3 months. How to win: if you have an Android, use the app to tip out your peer, and you'll get a chance to win. You tip out 2 peers, you get 2 chances. Tip 3, then get 3 chances, etc etc. Or just give a donation to the fund. The same style applies, meaning if you give more than once to the fund, your chances of winning the prize will increase. (Only Androids can complete peer to peer runs. If you have IOS, you can participate by donating to the fund ) myskyber@gm .. Remember to send in a screen shot of the run, and your donation along with your name, to get credit. Plus, so we can give you a thank you shout out on our various blogs. Thanks and God Bless. The gofundme is here:

Compassionate, stress free, air travel. Nice!

This church post is for fun. This was the latest faith conference from LWCC. Please hit us up, and let us know if you attended. Anyways, please don't get complacent and continue to be vigilant in your cleaning. Wipe down everything, especially when you go to your local grocers. You don't have to go to the stores if you use those grocery delivery services, but if you do have to go to the stores get masked up, gloved up, take sani-wipes, and wipe down all jars, cartons, and pretty much everything in your grocery cart, and including your cart. Use a q tip for the debit card pin check out. Then sani-wipe your car, and car keys, when you get home. God can save us, only by helping us stay clean and smart. Stay extremely safe out there folks, and make sure your immune systems are on incredible hulk mode (Take zinc, vitamin c, home-made ginger tea, cerasee tea, drink water, and eat plenty of vegetables with low purine and low solanine). Hopefully through prayer and intelligence, we'll be able to make it past this. Do what's right, stay smart, self govern, and pray hard. Ok, That's all we can do right now. thank you. 

WORKER UPDATES 11/1 - 12/1 : 
We pray that God cares for us in all of our endeavors. So let us pray earnestly, so that everyone of us can make it to the next day. As far as business goes, Lord willing, we'll have both platforms up by next Oct. But all you guys and gals that are on Android, you can check in now. It's up and running on Google Play. Here's a Tip: whence you make a worker profile, please check your spam folder for the unique code, and it might NOT go through on the first try. Remember this app is for self starters (hustla's) (The algorithmic systems in and of our coding will know for sure it's your phone whence you try and receive that code a couple times. So if it doesn't show the first time you hit send, just try again, and check your spam. Also: capital i's look like lower case L's so when you get the identifier, just try and type it out in different ways, and in a few tries with different combos, you should be able to get in. Or if you like, we can make a worker profile for you. You'd just have to forward us your information. This will allow you to logon and start working without waiting. Connect with us for more info on this option. All this, is just for your own security). Make sure to logon as "shuttles" (for those doing airport hotel / plaza runs in your own car). Also please use the "other" category if you want to gather donations for delivering local groceries, and such, or if you want to get tipped for your live broadcasts on IG. See the photos right below, to get more knowledge on the ins and outs, on how to use this app (and of course check the FAQ's). Ok, payday's every week on Friday. It's all direct deposit. You should check your bank accounts accordingly. (unless it's a gov't holiday) Finally check us out on the next indiegogo,, below is a first example. Yes indeed, Part 1 is here.[[ ]] The indiegogo-part 2 is coming soon. Or you can join our rewards progream too through helping us with this GoFundMe. Just click here
Ok thank you everyone for donating to our cause of creating jobs. Be safe. Elon Musk is out here building rocket-ships, and making bubble societies on Mars. So please have a little patience when registering. Login to Skyber, it's not 'that' hard. Take your time, or for the impatient few, if it gets too frustrating, remember, we can register for you. Ok let's all huslte up a few dollars to help our families. That's what we're all about here.  It'll work if you register patiently, follow the pictorials, and the FAQ's. Thanks:)    

"Thank you m'aam, we're always glad to help"

Want to send a gift to your favorite worker? Just tap the donate button below. Don't forget to tell us their name, city, state, badge number if possible, and the location they were working when they helped you. (this way we'll be able to correctly route the donation to them). You can also share your story of why you'd like to send them a donation, and we'll post your testimony on one of our soc med pages. Thank you.

[Here's an example below of a typical promotions department job if any parents want to get involved]. Anyways, we organized a fun Skyber App Club, to give the kids something cool to do. This is Gracey's Club representing south east Central Florida. For fun, if any other kids want to add on to this Skyber chapter, you just have to beat or tie the record. So far it's 80 post cards, hand written, going out to your family members. If any kids beat or tie this record you get $50. Congratulations to Gracey and Paulita. The winners from the Orlando Skyber Club Chapter. Email us on instructions on how to get a Skyber club chapter going in your city, thanks :)